Hotel & training vacation

Lelymare Horses offers temporary stabling, for example during a summer or winter break or during holidays. This can be for a rest break but also for a training vacation. During the stay at Lelymare, your horse will be optimally cared for by an eypert team in a rural environment. Your horse has a luxurious playpen and comes outside every day in the meadow or paddock.

What is a trainingvacation?

The name says it already! Your horse will be trained during the holidays but without load. During a training vacation theĀ aquatrainer can be used to improve the muscle strength, balance and coordination of the horse. The training in the aquatrainer is then supported by the vitafloor and/ or the horse walker.

Aquatraining is a fine addition to the training of (sport) horses. It has a positive effect on the mobility of the joints in leg and back. You will feel the balance and coordination that is being trained immediately when you start training under saddle again!

We have several training packages to choose from but we also like to make a tailor-made package. The content of the training holiday depends on the goal. Is making your horse stronger the reason for the training vacation or do you give your horse a holiday but do you want him/ her to be trained calmly during that period. We can work intensively with your horse but you can also choose for a nice balance between holiday and training.

For whatever pupose the horse comes, at Lelymare is peace and space. Your horse is the center of attention and is optimally cared for by the Lelymare team.

Curious about the costs of our training packages?Get here your price list!