Aquatraining & Vitafloor

At Lelymare we have an Idots aquatrainer and a vitafloor stable (3x3 meters). We are trained as certified aquatrainer supervisors and use the aquatrainer for both rehabilitation and training support.

You can purchase a 10-ride card for the aquatrainer and so you can drop by at any time for a trining session (e.g. weekly or twice a week). During an extensive intake we look at the horse (construction and muscling) together with the owner and discuss the goal. After the intake follows a familiarization session in the aquatrainer.

What does the aquatrainer?

An aquatrainer improves the stamina, muscular strength, coordination and limberness. This makes the aquatrainer an ideal device to support the daily training. However, one of the most important, if not the most important, advantage of an aquatrainer is that it can be employed in an early stage of rehabilitation. Due to the upward pressure of the water, the body parts below the water level are subjected to less stress.

Although moving against the water pressure in the horses takes a lot of force because the horse has to use its whole body, the load on joints and tendons is minimal. As a result, the musculature quickly increases instead of decreases in the case of injuries. By using cold water, the joints and tendons are cooled at the same time

The aquatrainer is proven to be effective in a.o.:

  • Tendon injuries (bending tendons and intermediate tendon)
  • Back problems
  • Postoperative recovery
  • Preventive training
  • Muscle Strenghthening
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Horses with 'limp hindquarters', problems due to slanting or leaning problems.
  • Little condition or overweight
  • Horses that need to become more powerful for certain exercises

The counter-pressure of the water stimulates more active use of the hindquarteres, causing the horse to tighten its abdominal muscles, resulting in better use of the back with more shoulder freedom.

The water level and speed of the treadmill can be varied. As a result, the training can be optimally tuned to each horse. The horse is trained by a certified aquatrainer. In addition, we work closely with animal clinics and physiotherapists.

What is the Vitafloor?

The vitafloor stable is a vibratory plate for horses. Its operation is based on improving the blood flow throughout the horse, allowing various injuries to heal faster and better.

Indications for the Vitafloor are injuries to tendons and ligaments, injuries regarding bone density and also painful joints and hoof-absorbing horses. The great advantage of the vitafloor is that horses stay in better condition and lose less muscle despite the resting period. The horses are able to use the vitaloor very early in the rehabilitation process. A session costs the horses energy and thus ensures that the horses are calmer during the rehabilitation period. The horses get extra blood flow without stressing the tendons. This ensures less scarring.

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