Lelymare Horses

Welcome to the website of Lelymare Horses. I, Fenna Elzinga, run the Mare & Foal Center and the Equine Rehabilitation Center & Horse Hotel at Lelymare in Lelystad.
My views and experience are decisive for everything I do in this company, from raising horses to rehabilitating (sports)horses.

According to me the success of a sports-horse is based on three pillars:

  1. Talent: The horse must have the talent to perform a certain discipline and so have the right build and the right character
  2. Training: The horse must be trained in the right way, so that it can perform optimally
  3. Circumstances: The circumstances under which a horse grows up and lives are equally important. The right raising lays a strong foundation for a healthy and strong constitution and character. Both are necessary for a successful training and a career at a later age

With Lelymare Horses I entirely focus on the third pillar.

The Mare and Foal Center guarantees young horses to grow up in natural environment. The horse-welfare is predominant, which goes alongside with professional care and continual surveillance.
The Lelymare Rehabilitation Center offers a stable to (sports) horses which get a break or need to recover from an injury or operation. The well-being of the horses is our starting-point. In particular the horse gets the chance to remain a horse. Of course this is combined with professional care and continual surveillance.

For the rehabilitation and Horse Hotel we use a Vitafloor, a walker and an Aquatrainer.

The influenza and EHV vaccination is required at Lelymare Horses.

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We regularly have apprenticeships available for MBO and HBO students.