Lelymare Horses

The best care in peace and space

Lelymare Horses is located at a unique location just outside Lelystad. Where there is peace and space and where the care of your horse is the main focus. A professional team takes care of your horse. Therefore, you canĀ  let your horse grow up, (aqua)train or rehabilitate with clear conscience.

Lelymare has an aquatrainer, vitafloor stable and a horse walker with equigrass floor. These facilities can be used during the rehabilitation or (training) holiday of your horse. In both cases we take over the complete care of the horse from you. If you live nearby you can also purchase a 10-ride ticket for the aquatrainer. We have to certified aquatrainer supervisors at our disposal.

Lelymare takes care of the mare guidance and the rearing of young horses in a natural environment. The horses grow up in a herd of different ages and can walk in the meadows all year round. With this rearing concept we are unique in the Netherlands.