For rehabilitation we can use the Vitafloor, a vibrating floor system exclusively designed for horses. The Vitafloor stimulates blood circulation through the entire body. It helps in the treatment of soft tissue injuries, painfulness of the joints, laminitis and navicular disease. Tendon injuries do recover in half the time with a better quality of the recovered tissue.

Besides, the Vitafloor is a perfect therapy for horses that are off work or on box rest, because it keeps the muscles in shape. The vibration training also uses energy and burns fat. This way, your horse stays in shape during a break. Lelymare Horses can combine the vibration therapy with the horse walker.

Lelymare Horses is one of the few Dutch equine centres which has a Vitafloor stable unit (3x3). We have already successfully rehabilitated many horses with the Vitafloor.

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