An aquatrainer improves the stamina, muscular strength, coordination and limberness. This makes the aquatrainer an ideal device to support the daily training. However, one of the most important, if not the most important, advantage of an aquatrainer is that it can be employed in an early stage of rehabilitation.

An aquatrainer allows horses with joint, sinew and bone problems to exercise. The upward force of the water makes the horse feel “lighter”. Although moving against the water pressure requires a lot of energy because the horse needs to use its entire body, the strain on the joints and sinews is minimal. Therefore, muscular strength will increase quickly rather than decrease. By using cold water, the joints and sinews are also cooled.

The aquatrainer is also an effective tool for back problems. The pressure of the water stimulates a more active use of the croup causing the horse to tighten its abdominal muscles which results in a better use of the back with more shoulder freedom.

Fenna and Angelique have been trained to work with the Aquatrainer.


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