Equine rehabilitation & wellness

At Lelymare horses can rehabilitate from an injury or an operation. We try to give the horses the best environment to recover. We have a great team of professionals to take care of the horses.

For rehabilitation we have multiple facilities. Because every rehabilitation is different we work closely together with (your) veterinarian and other professionals.

At Lelymare we have a Vitafloor, a professional horse walker and an Aquatrainer. Besides these facilities we have an outdoor and indoor arena, pastures and paddocks. For every horse we make an individual plan together with the veterinarian. If the horse needs to be walked a couple of times per day, we can do that. And sometimes a horse just needs some time in the pasture before getting back to “work” again.

Stabling for a short period
It is possible to put up a horse at Lelymare for just one week or a couple of weeks / months. 
Competition-horses are welcome at Lelymare for a well-deserved rest both in summer and winter. There is a luxurious stable for them. They are led outside every day and they get the best care. Of course it is possible to use the walker, Vitafloor or Aquatrainer.
By mutual arrangement with the owner it is decided whether the horse is put in a pasture by itself or together with another horse. After the break the horse looks forward to getting back to “work” again. Our own show-horses are in the pasture everyday, because this keeps them mentally and physically healthy.

Feel free to contact us with any questions.

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At Lelymare we use IDOTS Aquatrainer and Vitafloor a professional horse walker.