Equine rehabilitation

Lelymare offers the possibility to rehabilitate horses under optimal conditions. Partly due to the quiet and professional environment that we offer you and your horse. Your horse has the best chance of a good recovery. The expert team guarantees optimal support and care for your horse.

The rehabilitation process is intensive for both horse and owner. We like to help with that. Our team is ready for the horses 7 days a week and the rehabilitation is carried out very accurately. In a rehabilitation program it is important to execute the rehabilitation plan precisely.

Because every rehabilitation is different, we draw up a personalised rehabilitation plan in consultation with the veterinrian. The facilities at our accommodation are fully equipped for this. Use can be made of a horse walker with equigrass floor, the vitafloor vibratory plate (stable) and the aquatrainer. Your horse can also be walked or lunged by hand. The high power laser can also be part of the rehabilitation.

We work closely together with various specialised horse clinics and most follow-up examinations (checks, X-rays and ultrasound) can be carried uit at Lelymare. The farrier is on the farm every week because good hoof hitting is an important part of the rehabilitation process. The same applies to physiotherapy. Wether it is at the beginning of rehabilitation or when they are allowed to move more. In consultation with the owner, it is discussed when and how often the physical therapist inspects/ treats the horse.

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At Lelymare we use IDOTS Aquatrainer and Vitafloor