Mare & Foal Center

Lelymare Mare & Foal Center’s service starts with broodmares. During her pregnancy she is guided at Lelymare in order to give birth to her foal under proper guidance.
The first six months the foal will grow up in a natural way with the mare, in a herd. In the herd the foal gets to know the order and social behaviour. Gradually it distances itself from its mother and starts playing with other foals. It drinks and eats of its own accord and goes about it in its own way.
When it is time for the mare to wean, it is taken out of the herd. The foal will miss its mother for a short while, but will soon discover that the rest of the herd is still there. Therefore peace and quiet will soon return. After that the foal can grow up as naturally as possible at Lelymare, thus laying a sound foundation for a healthy and strong constitution and character.

The broodmare
During her pregnancy the broodmare in foal lives in the herd with which she will be with her foal later on. This herd consists of yearlings, two-year-old mares, broodmares and one or two "retired" mares. The mare in foal gets the right care and attention and is fed with extra breeding muesli of Equifirst.
A month before giving birth the mare goes to a special stable of 5 x 3 meters with camera-surveillance at night. As soon as there are signs of giving birth, the mare gets a Birth Alarm belt. During the day she is with her regular herd and if necessary she wears a Birth Alarm. It regularly happens at Lelymare that mares give birth in a herd during daytime. This proves how confident and at ease they feel in the herd.

The broodmare and her foal
After having given birth the mare and its foal are placed in a pasture next to the herd’s pasture, so that the foal can quietly get familiarized. For us it is an advantage to watch the foal carefully. If everything goes well, they will go back to the herd. The first few months after having given birth the mare gets extra Breeding muesli. Thus the foal gets all the vitamins and minerals it needs through the mare.

After having given birth it is also possible for a mare and the foal to come to Lelymare. This can be done when the foal is a couple of days old.

The foal without her mother
After a minimum of six months the foal will be weaned and the mare is taken out of the herd. But it might certainly not be a bad idea for the foal to stay with its mother for even seven or eight months. By being in a herd the foals go their own ways. From experience we know that in this way weaning is less stressful for the foal, because it stays in its own herd.
It is also possible for the mare to stay there, because she is with foal again. Then we take the mare out of the group after a few weeks and after that she can go back to the herd. The foal learns that it must take care of itself in this way.

Weaned foals
Of course, it is also possible to bring the mare and her foal or the foal alone to Lelymare after weaning. We take care of it that all the weaned foals come to Lelymare at the same time, so that they can become friends. Together they can join the herd after a couple of days. If the foals do not arrive at the same time then we take another foal out of the herd, so that the foal is not on its own and by itself in the herd at the beginning.

The influenza and EHV vaccination is required at Lelymare Horses. 

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