Granulight / Grain Sand

Since 2007 the outdoor arena with Granulight ground has been installed on Lelymare. Fenna's father thought in 2007 that Granulight could be the perfect underbody for an outdoor arena for the reining sport. Granulight is a stable and hard underbody and lets water get through. On top of it comes a layer of sand. Tjeerd has had built an outdoor arena which is still used today for the reining sports. Thereafter, Fenna also made the paddocks with Granulight soil. Just like the outside arena, they are always dry!

Granulight is an environmentally friendly choice. It has a DUBOkeur® quality mark, a quality mark for sustainable building and the ISA Sport certificate.

Lelymare Horses is an official distributor of Granulight. We offer very good prices! So, you can contact us for questions and orders. Since the beginning of 2019 Lelymare Horses is also a official distributor of Granulight in Belgium. Grain sand is the name for this perfect underbody in Belgium.

For more information about Granulight in the Netherlands see the website of Granulight Paardenbak.

For more information about grain sand in Belgium see the website of Korrelzand Paardenbak.

Granulight outside arenaGranulight paddok

It is possible to make sliding stps in an outside arena with Granulight as underbody. Therefore, this ground is very suitable for the reining sport.