Lelymare Horse Hotel offers periodical stabling for (sport) horses.

For rehabilitation we use the Vitafloor, a vibrating floor system exclusively designed for horses. The Vitafloor stimulates blood circulation through the entire body. It helps in the treatment of soft tissue injuries, joint soreness, laminitis and navicular disease. Tendon injuries do recover in half the time with a better quality of the recovered tissue. Besides, the Vitafloor is a perfect therapy for horses that are off work or on box rest, because it maintains the muscles. The vibration training also uses energy and burns fat. This way, your horse stays in conditions during a break. Lelymare Horses can combine the vibration therapy with the horse walker.
Lelymare Horses is the only Dutch equine centre which has a Vitafloor stall unit. We already successfully rehabilitate many horses with the Vitafloor.

I use my experience at the horse rehabilitation center Kesmarc in Florida for this part of the company. Besides the Vitafloor Lelymare has an outdoor and indoor arena at its disposal. It also has a walker with Equigrass soil and pastures and paddocks. For every horse we make an individual plan together with the veterinarian. If the horse needs to be walked a couple of times per day, we can do that. And sometimes a horse just needs some time to be at grass before getting back to “work” again.

Stabling for a short period
It is possible to put up a horse at Lelymare for just one day or just a couple of days. For example when a horse is being imported from America and arrives at Schiphol, we can pick up the horse from the airport. It can be put up with us for a few days or a week. In that case the horses can be out in the field during the day or be put in the walker.

A well-deserved break
Competition-horses are welcome at Lelymare for a well-deserved rest both in summer and winter. There is a luxurious stable for them. They are led outside every day and they get the best care. By mutual arrangement with the owner it is decided whether the horse is put in a pasture by itself or together with another horse. After the break the horse looks forward to getting back to “work” again. Our own show-horses are everyday in the pasture, because this keeps them mentally and physically healthy.